Marie Claire

For International Women's Day Marie Claire magazine briefed us to give vintage, sexist ads a much-needed 2020 makeover. We chose to put a new spin on a Hoover ad and shine a light on the impact of unequal division of domestic labour.

"When we enter into a relationship, we develop a shared reality. Many couples feel like they’re close to parity in the division of labour in the household. But study after study shows women are doing far more than their share and it’s impacting their long-term health and happiness. The sexism of the past was extremely overt – look no further than this 1940s Hoover vacuum directed solely at women (because men don’t vacuum, that’s what wives are for). Today, we acknowledge gender dynamics are much more complex, leading to a more insidious form of inequality. A vacuum cleaner can only make you happier if you use it 50 per cent of the time."

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Created in partnership with Lucy Hay.

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