KFC Colonel GIFs

Gifs are a universal language, used all over the world to celebrate, commiserate, and create stories about people’s lives. Fried chicken is also universal, and nearly every person on the planet has experienced some kind of delicious fried chicken. We wanted tap into both of those behaviours to share a little bit of KFC Australia’s larrikin spirit - and so Colonel Gifs were born

Tapping in the search behaviours of people across the globe, key moments in time as well as trending search terms and gifs, we created these gifs of the Colonel - cheering on his favorite cricket teams, flossing, dabbing, mic dropping - you name it. We turn these gifs around in short timeframes as well, allowing us to react to culture in an authentic and realtime way (with zero media dollars.

To date, they have been viewed over 300 million times across the world, transcending barriers and sharing everyone’s love of the Colonel, and his delicious fried chicken.

You can find them in your gif platform of choice by searching for 'colonel', right now. 

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