I was lucky enough to be featured on "the wall" for Experiential (Best in Show), Social (Best in Show and State Live Brief Winner) and Strategy.

RE: Social

"Food waste is an important issue but a hard one to engage with. So you really need to do something different to get the message out there. Maybe even something a little outrageous. Certainly, you have to be amusing, shareable, and surprisingly useful. 'Wasted' ticked all of those boxes." -Grant McAloo, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Sydney.

RE: Experiential

"It's hard not to smile when you see this idea. Two seasons in a day is a great insight for non-stop air travel, brought to life in a memorable and newsworthy way using one of the trademarks of the brand. This might even make zip-off pants cool. Maybe." -Barbara Humphries, Creative Director, The Monkeys Sydney 

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